Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't you just love Mondays

Today has kind of shaped up to be a shitty day (literally). It started going a little sour when I called Logan's doctor for a prescription for pink eye. Yeah, we both have it. My baby loves to share like that. Anyhow, moving right along. I spoke to one of the nurses in the office and she proceeds to tell me that Logan is no longer a patient there. What!? Yeah apparently if you see another doctor they transfer you. Jeez I didn't know we took vows. The only reason I took him to another doctor was because our pediatrician was closed when Logan needed to get in. Actually, it turned out ok. They pulled Logan's chart from the archives and cleared it all up. They just told me from now on he is not allowed to see another doctor during normal office hours. Doctor politics who would have known....not me.

The rest of the day went fairly smoothly until we got home. I walk into the kitchen to find our dog had let go of all of her bowels. Now Shelby never goes in the house. I will spare you the details but there's no way she could have held this in. It was horrible!! I'm just thankful it wasn't on any rugs. Normally I would have made Adam clean that up since it's really his dog...but sadly he wasn't home and wouldn't be for quite a while. I think he should be on diaper duty for the next three months for that one. Poor Shelby though, I hope it was just something she ate.

So after I finally got that cleaned up. I was having a battle of wills with Logan. We have a big 50 gallon salt water fish tank. It sits on top of a cabinet built to hold the tank, the pump is housed below. We have locks on the doors so Logan can't get in. But it is open on the back side against the wall. Well Logan kept trying to peek around the back of the cabinet, and I was worried he would pull out something he wasn't supposed to. I tried to redirect without avail, so we tried timeout. He played nicely for a little while after. Then, he snuck back there again and I saw that he had my cell phone in hand. I yelled "NO LOGAN!" Kurplunk! I ran over and got the phone out, finding many other treasures in there as well. I ripped out the battery in hopes of saving it, and scolded Logan and sent him back to timeout. He was only in timeout about a minute and half. You would have thought it was an eternity. He was upset for the rest of the night pretty much. Good grief he doesn't even know what a spanking is. I guess I hurt his feelings...but maybe he won't do it again. Ha ha right.

Unfortunately, I don't think my phone will make it. This is the second drowning. The first time it fell in the toilet. I would like to blame Logan for that one, but sadly I can't. I mean really how many lives can a phone have.