Tuesday, June 10, 2008

5 Month Milestones

My sweet baby is 5 months old today and he is ready to start walking. If only those legs would cooperate. He loves to stand, if you are holding his hands and playing with him he tries to stand up. He is very strong! He can pull himself up to standing all by himself, as long as you hold his hands.

His laugh is adorable. He thinks Mommy & Daddy are amusing, but oh my his cousins are just hilarious. Or really any kids for that matter. He really got a kick out of his cousins Emily & Anna. Anna would kiss his hand and he would just laugh and laugh.

He has become quite the little charmer. He loves to flirt with people while I'm holding him. He will grab their attention and smile. Then, he will play shy and hide in my shoulder. If he loses his audience he will try to strike up a conversation to win them back.

This child loves to watch TV, and it drives me crazy! We will put him in his little exersaucer facing away from the TV and he will strain his neck trying to see it. One day I put him in his swing while Daddy was watching a Spurs game. The swing and TV are on opposite sides of the fireplace. Well he was leaning forward , while it was swinging, trying to look around the fireplace to watch the game. He is definately his Daddy's son.

He is discovering cause and effect through play. He has a little piano at daycare and at home and he will lay on his tummy and play it Schroeder style. Maybe he will inherit Uncle Tim's musical talent.

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