Thursday, July 10, 2008

6 Month Milestones

My sweet little baby is 1/2 a year old today. Time sure flies! He is learning so much, and getting so strong. Here are his new skills and favorite pastimes as of late:

Logan can sit up completely unassisted.
He can hold his own bottle through an entire feeding.
He mastered getting his pacifier back in his mouth.
He loves to jump, jump, and jump.
He can scoot on his tummy a little bit to get toys.
He loves to help mommy open the mail, if I don't give him something to "open", or to crumple and tear is more like it, he gets upset.
He has become attached to his little Tigger blanket, he loves to rub it on his face as he is falling asleep.
He likes to read books.
He even likes to shop. He sits up like a big boy now in the grocery cart.

We are truly enjoying or playful, interactive baby...but I wish I could slow time down.

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