Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Logan!

Saturday we celebrated Logan's 1st birthday. Wow, this year has really flown by. I can't believe how big my sweet baby is. We just had a simple party for him with presents cake and ice cream. I also made my first attempt at decortating a cake, it didn't turn out too bad...but I will need to perfect my skills before I can do Spiderman. Here are a few pictures and highlights from his big day.

This was the cake that I made for Logan to tear into. The marshmallows
are supposed to be bubbles.

I made the cupcakes for him to take to daycare.

My look how you have grown baby.


Stephanie said...

Super cute cake! What a great idea.

And I read your post (that maybe you took down?) about the fence fire. Wow. So glad you are safe, and what a good reminder about smoke detectors.

Kate said...

Thanks, I enjoyed making the cake. I'm looking forward to making the next one.

Yes, the fence was scary and an awakening to how unprepared we were. I did take the post down right after I posted it, because my hubby didn't want me telling everyone about it. Oops ;o)
I think he felt really guilty, because it was probably him. He always goes out back to smoke. I think it was probably a cigarette tossed a little carelessly. Although, he says he hadn't been outside in well over an hour. Either way I think he and I will be a lot more cautious.