Sunday, February 24, 2008

Formula troubles

Lately I haven't been producing enough milk for Logan, so we have been supplementing a lot. Well it seems like he's beginning to have trouble with the formula we are using. Over the last couple days he has been pretty fussy while he is eating. Today was especially bad, we went to the ranch with Gammy, Grandad, & Great Grandma. The poor little guy couldn't manage to eat anything all afternoon. He would try to eat and just cry and cry because his tummy hurt, it was so hard. We gave him some drops for the gas and he fell asleep on Gammy's lap. We picked up some soy formula on the way home, so hopefully that will help.

By the way I was curious if anyone is actually reading this blog. I would enjoy your comments and advice.


Tina said...

Hi Katy and Logan - it was good to talk with you today. I hope the information the lactation specialist gave you today will be of help. It is hard to nurse all day - but it will help. I miss little Logan - I enjoy hearing his little squeaks when I talk with you on the phone. Sleep tight little Logan - let mommy and daddy get some sleep.

Liz said...

awww his face is sooooo cute...he kinda looks grumpy!!

Kate said...

I love that picture, that's his angry face.