Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Baby!

We have been blessed with a very happy baby. Logan has such a good temprament. He's rarely fussy. Even when he is, it is short lived.
Adam got tickets from work to the rodeo this past weekend. They have an indoor rodeo here. They hold it at the AT&T center, where the spurs play. So we took Logan, Gammy, & Grandad. We had really good seats, right by the chutes in the 3rd row. I carried Logan in the sling that my mom made, & the kid slept through the whole thing. He slept through all the noise of the rodeo, being passed around, and the concert afterwards. He woke up at the very end to eat. Then he was a good boy all the way home.
This weekend we are really testing his good nature. Reba & I are taking Logan and driving to San Angelo for his cousin Aubree's birthday. Hopefully he does well in a 4 hour car ride. I know everyone will be excited to see him.

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