Thursday, May 29, 2008

Taking Flight

I took Logan on his first airplane this past week. We flew to Denver to see my family. With the exception of my mom, none of my family had met Logan yet. Logan did really well overall. But here are a few things I learned about flying and traveling with a baby.

1. Take a stroller to the airport and check it at the gate.

I only took my sling to carry Logan in. Now this worked ok for getting through the airport,
but once we were to our gate I couldn't put him down, so I had to do everything one handed.

2. Pack a well orgaized carry-on. It's hard to shuffle through your bag and find what you need while holding a crying baby.

3. Mix a bottle or 2 before you go through security. Security will let you take mixed formula past the checkpoint, however, they will make you dump water.

I had a couple bottles full of water, ready to mix formula in, that they made me dump out. Then, I had to go buy a $3 bottle of water to make his milk with, which he wouldn't take because it was really cold. So then I'm walking around with a hungry baby trying to find a microwave, only to end up in the bathroom trying to warm a bottle under lukewarm water. Are we having fun yet?!

4. Try to keep baby on his normal schedule. Everything goes so much smoother when baby is well rested.

5. Make sure the baby charms everyone around you on the plane while he is still happy. This way they will be a little more forgiving when he starts to cry.

I'll post some pictures later

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