Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unpredictable, dramatic, exciting, emotional, lovable.....TODDLERS

Ahh life with a toddler...it is very fun but oh so exhausting. The temper tantrums have started, spaced between sweet cuddles, kisses, and new accomplishments and adventures everyday. One of our favorite activities now is reading. How he loves to read. He has his favorites and we read them over and over again. I try to bring out new books when I don't feel I can read the same one another time. However, this doesn't usually work very well. He will listen through the first few pages then prompt a quick finish by clapping and shouting "YAHHH!!", while handing me one of his classics. If you don't seem to get the drift he will come close the book for you. I suppose at least he tries to be polite about it.

His second favorite past time is climbing. Anything he can climb by himself he will. Then once at the top he will sit precariously on the edge swinging his legs with a smug look of accomplishment on his face. He is absolutely fearless, he has no problem climbing the big playground equipment or trying a slide by himself. Sometimes it seems he thinks he is much older than he is. But give it about 10 minutes he will make sure to remind you how old he really is when you try to pull him away from the playground.

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