Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finally an Update

I know it has been ages since I have posted anything. So what life change event has happened in the last 6 months to keep me away so long? Really not much of anything. I always mean well. I think of things I would like to post, but after working all day at the computer I can hardly get the motivation to do it some more. Well it's the weekend now, Logan is asleep and Adam is watching the Cowboys game with the guys. Now seems like a good time to post.

We are quickly approaching Logan's second birthday. I can hardly believe it, time really flies! Logan is growing by leaps and bounds. His personality is coming out a little more every day. He is making sure to assert this now too. Gone are the days when I can dress him as I like. He usually wants certain shoes and a certain jacket.

Sesame Street has become an obsession, Elmo in particular. He absolutely loves him! Gammy took him to see Sesame Street live last month. Which of course he adored. Reba got him a little stuffed Elmo from the show. Now he sleeps with his Elmo every night. Elmo has to be there for story time, sometimes he has to wear pajamas, and of course his Elmo must have a Binky too!

Logan started potty training about 3 weeks ago. He pretty much decided to start on his own. I bought him a potty seat several months ago, just to get him familiarized with it. Sometimes he would go in the mornings, but other than that he would just sit on it on occasion. Now all of the sudden he is telling me when he needs to go potty and wearing underwear at home for a couple hours at a time and staying dry. He is also doing a great job with it at daycare usually only wetting two diapers a day there. We are very proud of him! Although, I must say it is a lot of work. We make frequent trips to the bathroom, but the thought of no more diapers is very motivating!

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