Monday, December 21, 2009

Learning the Potty

On one of the blogs that I read Mckmama hosts a weekly blog carnival called Not Me Monday. Which basically entails brutally honest confessions of how we are all far from perfect. You can find more Not Me Monday postings at

When my son had a BM in the toilet for the first time the other day, I most certainly did not do a little happy dance and send out a text to some of my friends declaring this accomplishment. I would never share something personal like that.

I didn't take Logan this weekend just to get a picture with Santa, knowing he would probably be terrified of the man, only so I could have a picture for his scrapbook. No, I would never do that. And if I did, we surely did not wait in line for an hour only to have Logan scream when put on Santa's lap. That would be ridiculous. Why not wait unit next year.

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