Monday, March 3, 2008

Mommy Anxieties

Monday was my first day back at work and Logan's first day at daycare. This was a tough week. Both Logan and I are having a hard time adjusting to this. The first day their phone wasn't working in the morning. So, I drove all the way over there to check on him. They said he had been really fussy. They asked me if he was a colicky baby, which is the total opposite of his temperament. I ran home and took him his pacifier and gas drops. They said his afternoon went a little better, but that sure made it even harder to go back to work. He's doing a little better each day, but I'm not doing so well with it. I cry about every day that I leave him. I'm sure I will get used to leaving him, but I really wish I didn't have to.

On a brighter note, he's starting to smile a lot. It's very cute! I keep trying to get him to break out in a laugh...but nothing yet. I just hope I'm the one to see it first, and not someone at daycare. Am I being selfish, yes probably.


Karen said...

It is hard to leave those little ones especially the first one. Logan will save many "firsts" for you and Adam. We know you will shower him with so much love when you are with him. Later as he gets use to the routine, his eyes will light up when you walk into the room or when he hears your voice. It will be so awesome. Believe it or not these days will fly by. You will look back & wonder where they went, but I know you & Adam will use your time & love wisely with Logan. He is a lucky little boy to have the two of you for parents. Remember, the best gift a parent can give their child is to love each other.

We loved seeing Logan March 1. We can not wait to see him again.
Aunt Karen

Lindsay said...

Hi Katy!
What a week you've had - transition can be hard. I know I would be feeling *exactly* the same way!
Your aunt is very wise - it will become easier and Logan will always love you and Adam the most.
Love, Lindsay
PS-Logan in that Gap outfit is to die for!! :)