Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Weekend Away

Adam and I are finally taking off for a weekend. It has been a well earned mini vacation. Next weekend we will head down to the coast for two nights, with 6 of our friends. Four of which are couples. We rented a beautiful beach house that is walking distance to the beach.

The guys are going on a deep sea fishing trip on Saturday, which will take pretty much all day. While us girls shop, lounge on the beach, and explore the area. We haven't made any plans for Sunday just yet, but I'm sure it will involve more lounging, possibly some water sports, and a nice fresh seafood resturant.

We have been wanting to get a way for a while now. However, we needed a little extra push and my brother and his girlfriend coming down for a visit seemed like the perfect opportunity. This will be the first time we have been away without Logan. He will be staying with Gammy and Grandad. It's so nice to have a set of grandparents here. He has stayed the night with them several times before, but we have never gone out of town without him. I feel a little guilty. I told Adam this and said "Logan has never been to the beach, maybe we should take him.". He said, "No, this our weekend." I agree we do need it. Sorry Logan, you can go next time.

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